Sugar Baby 15-January-2011



Sugar Baby  15-January-2011


Stellar weekend all around.  Friday Night was Guys Night with Ezra, and we were typical men…  sat around in our underwear playing video games and eating junkfood until the wee hours of the morning.  Got our butts kicked by a bag of caramel marshmallows.  Turns out there *is* a limit to the number of marshmallows I can eat in one sitting.  Who knew?


Then last night, Sis and I did our typical Daddy/Daughter Night stuffs.  She ate her own body weight in dinner at Chili’s.  Just like always.  We had the Molten Fudge Cake Ice Cream thingie.  Just like always.  Went ice skating at the Ice House.  Just like always.  Came home and watched movies til late late late.  Just like always.


Yet, while all of the above was long overdue, it wasn’t our first time and it won’t be our last.  What was new about last night was a special circumstance I was able to add to my list of promises I ask Sophie to make every time we go to dinner.  I know Ezra will always want to hang out and do guy stuff with his Dad, but I worry that one day Sophie might be so busy that it becomes a challenge to get a dinner date with her.  Here are a few of the situations she’s promised to date:


1)      No matter how old we are.

2)      No matter how busy our lives get.

3)      No matter how far apart we live.

4)      Even if I have to walk slow with a cane.

5)      Even if her friends tease her and tell her it’s not cool.


You get the idea.  Well, last night I was broke, just as I was Friday Night for Guys Night.  Sophie really really wanted to go to dinner and ice skating.  Just like always.


“Daddy, I have $60 from my allowance and chore money that I haven’t spent.  I can buy you dinner tonight and take you ice skating.”


6)      Even if I’m broke or poor, and can’t buy dinner.


That’s one I never even considered trying to put on the list, yet am thrilled to see there anyway.  She has made me this offer before, but I was always too proud to let her do it.  I guess pride is one more thing I can check *off* the list of things I need to overcome.  Getting there.  I suppose.  And sometimes the sweetest victories are the ones I didn’t know I was even on the path to winning.


Dinner at Chili’s, with tip:  $30.

Ice Skating, with snack bar junkfood:  $27.

Ramen noodles for her midnight snack:  $1.

Going to bed with $2 left over, and my Best Girl both happy and proud?  Yeah, the Priceless thing.


I tried to explain what a Sugar Mama is, I guess poking fun at myself at dinner, since Sophie was buying me our night out on the town last night, but I’m not sure she really followed…  “Is that why Sugar Babies candy is named that?”  I guess so, Baby.  I think it’s ok…  I loved her before she had money!!!


It might not seem like it judging by my current checking account balance, the 18 year old Chevy Van I drive, or my very humble wardrobe, but…  I’m truly the Richest Man Alive.


Cheers from The ThreeFiveZero Sugar

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