Putting C6 Corvette Wheels on Your 4th Generation Camaro/Firebird

C6 Corvette Wheels on Your 4th Generation Camaro/Firebird
C6 Corvette Wheels on Your 4th Generation Camaro/Firebird

Putting C6 Corvette Wheels on Your 4th Generation Camaro/Firebird

C6 Corvette Wheels on Your 4th Generation Camaro/Firebird
C6 Wheels

I’ll put all the technical stuff up front for those of you looking for the details you need to know for this wheel and tire combination.

Summary:  This is a set of OEM C6 Corvette Wheels on a 4thGeneration Camaro.  The rears are 19×10” (+79mm offset) and require a 1.25” adapter to compensate for the deep offset on them.  The fronts are 18×8.5” (+56mm offset) and are a direct bolt-on.

C6 Corvette Wheels on Your 4th Generation Camaro/Firebird
C6 Wheels

Wheels:  C6 Corvette Wheels span from 2005-2012 and came in several designs and finishes.  Note that the Standard-C6 and Z51-C6 wheels are the  most common, as well as easiest and the most popular, for swapping onto older vehicles.  C6 Z06, ZR1, and Grand Sport wheels are larger, and more difficult to swap.  (See dimension chart below for all C4, C5, and C6 Corvette wheels.)  This article and pictures cover the Standard-C6 and Z51-C6 wheels.

Camaro:  The 4th Generation Camaro/Firebird spans from 1993-2002 and regardless of the model, whether V6 or Z28 or SS, Formula or Trans Am, the bolt pattern and track width of the car are the same, so the information here applies to all F-Bodies of these years.   *see note below regarding variations in hub diameter sizes.

C6 Corvette Wheels on Your 4th Generation Camaro/Firebird
C6 Wheels

Adapters:  Both the Camaro and the Corvette use a 4.75” bolt circle with 5 mounting bolts.  The rear Corvette wheels require a 1.25” adapter to fit the Camaro.  Be certain that you get adapters that have the center hole machined to fit the hub on your axle flange.  The adapters are very simple:  They bolt to your existing wheel studs, and have a 2nd set of studs which you then bolt your wheel to.  You can find these on ebay for as little as $50.  Buy American made parts, folks!

Note on Axle Hub and Wheel Bore Sizes:  Factory ’93-’96 Camaro/Firebird rear axles have a 70.75mm center hub diameter.  C6 Corvette wheels have a 70.5mm diameter hub bore.  It is important to get adapters which will fit over your rear 70.75mm hub if you have a ’93-’96 car, and also accommodate the 70.5mm hub bore of the C6 wheels.  This is also important if you choose to take the optional step (outlined below) of putting adapters on the front.

Tires:  These photos show 295/30-19’s on the rear wheels and 255/40-18’s on the fronts.  Both of these tire sizes calculate to a 26.00” diameter in spite of the staggered 18/19” wheel sizes.

Speedometer:  Base Camaros were programmed for 26.17” diameter tires, while Camaros with Z-rated tires were programmed for a 25.66” tire diameter.  With the 26.00” tire diameters above, you’ll need to reprogram your computer for speedometer accuracy.  This will only affect your speedometer, not engine performance, so if you can’t reprogram right away just remember that your speedometer is a little off.  With larger diameter tires, you’re going a little faster than your speedometer indicates.

WITH Front Adapters
WITH Front Adapters
WITHOUT Front Adapters
WITHOUT Front Adapters

Optional Front Adapters:  After driving the car for a couple of years with the C6 wheels, I decided that I wanted the front track width of the car to match the rear.  This is mostly a cosmetic preference…  although I believe it also handles a little better with the matching front/rear track widths.  It tended to understeer a little with the front wheels tucked in narrower than the rears.  I put a set of 1.25” adapters on the front to match the rear, and I prefer the looks of the car this way.  The front wheels fill out the fender wells better, and the wheels show more when looking down the side of the car.  As stated above, the front wheels will fit and function just fine without adapters.

Lowered SS on C6 Wheels
Lowered SS on C6 Wheels
Lowered SS on C6 Wheels
Lowered SS on C6 Wheels
Lowered SS on C6 Wheels
Lowered SS on C6 Wheels

Lowering:  When I initially put the C6 wheels on this car, and wrote this article, the car was stock height.  Since then, I have lowered the car 1.5” and added the 1.25” adapters to the front wheels as mentioned above.  The front wheels never rub at all.  The rear wheels rubbed badly after lowering the car, and I finally had to roll my rear fender wells.  My advice is that you should expect to roll your rear fender wells if you plan to run the 19×10” C6 rear wheels under a lowered Camaro/Firebird.  It is more than nuisance rubbing…  it was cutting through my sidewalls.  The 3 pictures here are with the car lowered 1.5″ and the front wheels using the optional 1.25″ adapters.

My Personal Take:  I really wanted GM wheels for various reasons, and the style of these wheels is very similar to the stock SS wheels.  I thought over various styles and colors, as even this wheel design is available in silver painted, polished aluminum, and chrome, stock on the Corvettes.  This set is the polished aluminum variety.  With the car now lowered and with matching front and rear track widths, it now looks very ‘low and wide’, especially when viewed directly from the front or rear!

More Pictures:  If you search google images for ‘c6 vette wheels camaro’ you’ll find at least eleventybillion pictures of different Camaros with the various Corvette wheel designs on them!

Corvette C4, C5, and C6 wheel dimensions:

Size                 Offset Application

17″ × 8.5″        +56      88-96 front/rear, 97-04 front

17″ × 9.5″        +54      88-96 front/rear, 97-04 front

17″ × 11″         +36      90-95 ZR1 rear

17″ × 11″         +50      96 Grand Sport rear

18″ × 8.5″        +56      88-96 front/rear, 97-12 front exc. C6 Z06, ZR1, GS

18″ × 9.5″        +40      84-87 front/rear, 06-12 Z06 & Grand Sport front

18″ × 9.5″        +57      97-04 rear, 05-12 front

18″ × 10.5″      +58      97-04 rear

19″ × 10″         +40      C6 Z06, ZR1 & Grand Sport front

19″ × 10″         +56      97-04 rear

19″ × 10″         +79      05-12 rear

19″ × 11″         +64      97-04 rear

19″ × 11″         +79      05-12 rear

19″ × 12″         +59      C6 Z06 & Grand Sport

20″ × 12″         +59      C6 Z06, ZR1 & Grand Sport rear

Cheers from The ThreeFiveZero Auto Shop

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  1. It’s amazing how things just seem to fall into place sometimes. We do have a van that we take on trips and grocery runs and when we have ‘extra head count’ etc… but the preference is to drive the car. I wanted a big family (like 5 kids!) but that didn’t work out quite the way I planned it. While I’m sure I’d have loved 5 kids, the 2 I have fit quite nicely in our family muscle car… ;)

  2. Thanks for taking the time to explain in detail the corvette wheel application on camero and firebird. I just bought a set for my bird.

  3. putting same combo as u but using the 19 by 12 with 79mm offset replicas, lowered with prokit, u think a 1.5 wheel adapter will do, also running 295 30 19 michelin ps2,

    1. Wow man… the 19×12 might be a tough squeeze. So, my 19×10 is literally a fingertip from rubbing the inner side of the inside wheel well, and the outside sidewall just barely rubs on the external fender well. Another 2″ I can’t say for sure, especially with the car lowered. My car is currently stock height. My recommendation would be to search camaroz28.com and/or ls1tech.com forums for someone running your exact wheel size to ask them how it works on the street. I’d say you’re definitely going to need to trim or roll the fender well lips.

  4. hello i have a 96 z28 anniversary clone of 97, anyways am trying to order adapters for 19 by 11 z06, thinking its same as urs since offset has more to do with adapter size than overall inches, 79mm, notice most adapters are made for 93 to 02 fbody, however heard ls1 hub is slightly smaller, can u supply me with the manufacturer of ur adapter since u have lt1 as well, and add any other info u know about thnx so much regards darren giallanza

  5. Hi Darren- I think you may find it a challenge to squeeze a 19×11 under the rear. the 19×10 takes up ever spare hair under there! If your wheel has a 79mm offset then the 1.25″ will work to get them away from the inside fender well, but you may find that the wheels hit (as in, hit, not rub) the outer fender well. I’d visit camaroz28.com forums and find someone who is running that same wheel. It’s been so long since I bought the adapters that I’ve lost the seller’s name, but I bought them from ebay from a seller with good feedback. Just write to one of them and ask about that difference between the LT1 and LS1 hubs, they will know. Some of those guys do nothing but adapters so they know their stuff!!!

  6. Did you ”lift” your Camaro in any way? I’m debating on buying 18’s and I figured I’d do my research before I buy. Also, what would be the largest 18 inch tire I can run without any rubbing? Thanks, Ethan

    1. Hi Ethan, My Camaro is stock ride height. I can tell you for sure that a 255/40-18 on these 18×8.5″ rims will fit without rubbing at all. You could easily put a larger tire diameter under the rear. I can’t say exactly how much bigger than 26″ diameter would fit though, only that a 26″ tire doesn’t rub.

      1. Okay, thanks so much for your help. This by far is the most helpful link that I’ve read in a LONG time. Thanks again, Ethan

        1. Okay, one last question. I found some 235/45/18’s, would they rub or would I be good to go if I bought them?? Thanks, Ethan

          1. That calculates to about 26.3″ overall height so I’d say a 235/45/18 will fit with no problem. A 235 might be a little stretched on an 8.5″ rim but I don’t think it will rub.

    1. I’d stay away from spacers with longer studs. The stresses are very different for that setup as compared to the adapters which have the 2nd set of lugs. You can get the adapters for about $50 on ebay. The 19×10″ wheels will fit with the rears if you get the adapters outlined above. If you use the right 18×9.5″ wheels you won’t need any adapters. Personally I feel like the added looks of having the bigger wheels on the back are well worth the extra $50 but it’s all a matter of opinion I suppose.

  7. I have c6 rims on my v6 Pontiac firebird front fits just right rear needed adapters but I got them for 80 bucks both and it looks great

      1. I’ve been running rear adapters with no lip for 5 years now with no problems. Just be sure you torque the lug nuts down in a star pattern properly. The cones of the lug nuts are what centers the wheel on the adapter if you don’t have a lip. There is also no reason to avoid adapters with a lip. Just read the notes in the original article carefully regarding the different sizes of center bores of various wheels if you’re going to use an adapter with a lip.

  8. Great write up! I have the same wheels for my 1999 Trans am, cant seem to find 1.25” adpters with the hubcentric lip but did find it in 1.50”. Do you think the 1.50” are fine or do i even need the hubcentric lip. I’ll be running 285/35/19’s in the rear.

    thanks for your help.

  9. Great write up! I have the same wheels for my 1999 Trans am, cant seem to find 1.25” adpters with the hubcentric lip but did find it in 1.50”. Do you think the 1.50” are fine or do i even need the hubcentric lip. I’ll be running 285/35/19’s in the rear.
    thanks for your help.

    1. Hi Joe- you definitely want the hub centric adapters. Otherwise, the wheel studs take all of the load and they really weren’t designed to do that. The hub should carry a lot of the load. I’d also stick to the 1.25″ adapters, because it’s a really close fit inside the rear wheel wells, with both the inner and outer fender wells. I’ll see if I can find the ebay seller I bought mine from and post it here later today.

    2. I couldn’t find the exact seller, but this seller has some on ebay: mcpowersportsoutlet This listing says S10 but I’m certain they have the same hub as a Camaro. If you write to him I’m sure he can confirm that before you purchase.

  10. Hey i bought 05 c6 rims for my 95 camaro they are 18×8.5 in front and 19×10 and i was wondering what size tires i could go with and what all i would have to buy to get them yo fit on my car/ where to buy them at… if you could help me out that would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Carter

    1. Hi Carter- really all you need are the adapters that I detail in the article, and for tires you can put just about anything that fits the 8.5″ rim on the front, but I would recommend 285/30-19’s in the rear. I’ve had several different sizes on the rear now and I had the least rubbing with the 285/30-19’s now that my car is also lowered 1.5″.

  11. Yes I have a 2002 camaro ss, I want it staggered. What size rim and tire can I put on the front and rear. And what size adapter do I need for the rear?

  12. Thanks for all the useful information and nice job on your car! I already have a 1.25″ adapter and am looking at 18X8.5F/19X10R SR1 Bullet or Apex wheels from West Coast Corvettes for my lowered 95 Camaro. However, the offset is 68mm for the rears–do you think they would work with my adapter, even though they aren’t 79mm offset? I also wonder if I could have “40s” on both the front and back without causing problems?
    Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

    1. Hi Tim… I honestly don’t know an exact answer, but I’d suggest a test fit of the rim with the adapter to see what kind of clearance you get. What I can tell you is that with the setup I describe above, I have less than 1/4″ of clearance both inside and outside the wheel, before it hits the inner and outer fender. Since writing this article, I’ve lowered my car 1.5″ and I had to roll my rear fenders to keep the rear tires from rubbing. On a stock ride height vehicle with factory fender lips, the difference between a 30 and a 40 series tire may be all the difference it takes for them to rub. If you have the ability to test fit before buying, I’d highly recommend it…

  13. I drive a 1995 trans am. I came across stock c6 z06 rims. With rear adaptors, the wheels should be a direct bolt on? Forgive me, although I have read your info, but the wheels you’re using now are stock corvette rims of replica? Thank you

    1. Hi Ralph… I think you may be confusing the two terms ‘C6′ and ‘Z06′. C6 are the factory wheels common to the Z51 Corvette. This article covers stock C6 Z51 wheels. C6 Z06 wheels are a whole different creature and much larger, not likely to fit under your Trans Am without major modifications. Are you certain that you have Z06 wheels? They are much less common than Z51 wheels.

  14. http://m.ebay.com/itm/360494045221?nav=SEARCH&sbk=1

    I copied and pasted the link to the wheels. I hope the link works. I haven’t brought the rims yet because I want to be sure they fit on my car first. I just thought that ‘c6′ would help identify the car model the wheels are on. The Corvette wheels are on a 2005 and from the looks of it, I assumed those were from a z06. In any case, I don’t want to confuse it anymore lol. Hopefully the link will help. If not, thank you anyways for your time and help. Much appreciated. Your page is great and helpful to all.

  15. Hey I just purchased c6 z06 wheels for my 01 t/a running 285 in the rear 19×10… wheel studs seem way too small with spacers in would you recommend arp wheel studs they are a lot longer. Also how difficult would a wheel stud swap be??

    Sorry didn’t mean to use your name**

  16. Thanks for the info. You mention lowering the car as well. How much on the front, how much on rear? Would like to fill some of the empty space in the wheel well but still be practical.

    1. Hi Rich,

      I lowered mine 1.5″ in the front and 1″ in the rear. Your results are going to vary a lot depending on what size tires you put on the rims. With the larger wheels/tires and the roughly 1″ drop, it’s only slightly lower to the ground than it was in stock form. However, my rear tires rubbed badly and I had to roll my fender lips. So the drop was very practical from the perspective of ground clearance, but I wouldn’t recommend dropping the car at all unless you’re willing to roll your fenders. It would have eaten through my tires quickly if I’d just let them rub after the drop.

  17. Hi there, I have a 1999 firebird and recently found a set of corvette c6 rims that I’d like to buy. The guy says he had them on his 2000 camaro z-28 and he said they bolted right on. Is that right? The c6 rims look bigger than my stock 16″ rims so does that mean the computer will have to be reset? If so, how does that work? thanks a lot!!

    1. Hi Zach… well… if they’re an original set of staggered 18×8.5/19×10 C6 wheels, they won’t bolt on without an adapter. The fronts will bolt right on, and all 4 wheels have the same bolt pattern as your Firebird. However, the rear wheels have a very deep offset and won’t fit the rear of your bird without the adapter as pictured in the original article above. The computer will need to be reprogrammed for the speedometer to be accurate. Aside from the speedometer, there’s no harm in running the wheels for a while until you can get the programming done.

        1. Hi Rich, you’re right about that… I’m sure you can buy replica wheels that will bolt on without adapters. The two cents I’d add on that though is to be very cautious about replica wheels. The quality is often poor, compared to OEM wheels, and they can literally be dangerous. I’ve heard horror stories about them cracking under hard cornering and then shattering. I’d say do a lot of homework and find reviews online for the company that makes the wheels you’re buying before you trust them.

  18. Hello, I have herd of rolling the fenders on 4th gen to fit bigger wheels. However I’m not exactly sure what needs to be done. I have a 94 z28 that I lowered years ago almost 2″ with the hotchkis set up. I’m running 18x.8.5 all around. Because of many performance upgrades I need more hook. I was looking at the 19×10 c6 wheel. Do the tires rub on the inside or outside? And how hard is it to fix the fenders? I also see you said in later posts your car was stock height. Did you change it back from lowered for a reason. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, FASTAZU

    1. Hi Mike… well, when I initially put the C6 wheels on my car, I drove it at stock height for about 2 years without much rubbing at all. When I lowered it, the rear 19×10’s with 295/35-19’s rubbed so badly that it was going to damage the tires. That is when I rolled the fender wells. ‘Rolling’ typically means, in some way or another, bending ‘up’ the lip that’s found inside the outer fender well. I also did some hammering on the inside of the fender wells where the tires had been rubbing. There are lots of methods for rolling fender wells. I finally resorted to plain old (delicately and with some experience) hammering. I wouldn’t recommend the hammer unless you’re very patient and have done it before. If you look around the Camaro/Firebird forums, you’ll find some good how-to’s on rolling fender wells. Good luck!

  19. I’ve been following this thread to long. C5, C6 wheels seem complicated.

    I have a ’99 Z28.. I want to lessen the room between the wheel and the wheel well. Is there a combination of larger wheels & tires and lowering that would give me what I want without excessive “bottoming out”. The “look” is what I want

    It’s a convertible and I understand that can complicate lowering. This fender rolling scares me.
    Any ideas,

    1. Hi Rich,

      First I have to admit that I don’t know what’s different under the convertible cars, so that part you’d have to do some outside research for. I’d recommend posting on http://www.camaroz28.com and/or http://www.ls1.com.

      However, given what you’ve told me about your car and your desired look and function, here’s what I’d recommend:

      Vogtland lowering springs. They’ll drop you about 1.5″ front and 1″ rear. That’s enough to remove most of your fender-to-tire gap, but not give you the constant bottoming out in your suspension travel. Here’s a great deal on them, this is what my car is running right now:


      For wheels and tires, I’d go with 05-12 C6 front wheels:

      18″ × 8.5″, +56mm offset, 05-12 front excluding Z06, ZR1, GS

      With these wheels, I’d use 3/4″ adapter to space them farther out, which will also fill in a lot of that fender-to-tire gap lookswise. The reason I’d go this route is that the wheels are only 8.5″ wide, the same as a stock SS wheel, so you shouldn’t have to roll fender lips or have any interference problems with bracing that may be an issue under a convertible. The tricky part is going to be that you’ll have to find four C6 front wheels- I’d shop ebay to find singles or pairs.

      I’ve seen a few 4th gen cars running 18″ C6 wheels all the way around and they look great without the issues you’d face with the 19×10’s in the rear.

      Good luck!

          1. I’d go with 255/40-18’s all the way around. That’s what I run on the front of mine, and they fill out the wheel’s width nicely, so that you have some sidewall hanging over the rim, to avoid curb rash. They fit the 8.5″ wheel perfectly.

  20. Hello. Don’t want to keep resurrecting the thread, but I was just wondering. I purchased a set of replica c6 rims that got pretty good reviews as far as fit and durability. The rims are a 19″x9.5 C6 replica with a 64mm offset. I was thinking about purchasing hub adapters. What would be the correct adapter to use? I was thinking a 1″ would do, but I am not sure. What do you recommend? Thanks.

    1. Honestly man the best thing to do with a replica wheel is draw it all out on paper and calculate the difference between the offset of your wheels and the offset of the factory wheels to the inner rim face, and purchase the adapter according to what those calculations. It’ll take a little time but it’s not rocket science. 1″ sounds ‘about right’ but I’d do the math before purchasing.

  21. I want to fit oem c6 wheels on my fbody, the rears are 19s and of course you say I need 1.25in adapters, but what about using 1.25in spacers, would that still work, what would be the difference between using the spacers or the adapter?

    1. Here’s the thing JJ… the physics of spacers vs. adapters is very very different. I’d stay away from spacers completely. With spacers, your wheel lugs are way too long and the forces on them may shear or otherwise break them under heavy loading. With adapters, each set of lugs is essentially the factory length, which are designed to withstand the loads on the wheels. I know it seems like they’re essentially doing the same thing, but adapters are the way to go. Also, you’d probably spend more time and nearly as much money doing the longer wheel lugs with spacers. Adapters are a much safer bet.

  22. thanks for the quick reply, I actually went with your advice and order the 1.25in adapters for my 98 transam…

    I just jacked up the car and have it ready on jack stands for when my adapters arrive. I was just testing out the 19×10 wheels on on it with some half inch spacers I had laying around, I put 2 of them together to equal an 1inch and put the wheel on to see how it fit, I can barely fit my finger through the back of the tire and wheel well, will that extra .25in on the adapters really make a difference, what do you think about going with 1.5inch adapters instead on the rear would that be safer, and just putting the 1.25in in the front.

    before I even looked into bolting on oem c6 wheels I had already ordered a 1.5inch lowering kit for the car, since you say it rubs in the the back when lowering I am thinking of just lowering the car from the front giving it a staggered look, or just roll the fenders depending what look I want.

    I would really like your advice from 1.25in and 1.5inch adapters for the rear, with the 1.25in is it safe to have the tire so close to the wheel well, I am assuming it would be around a finger and a half from rubbing againts it. Would it hit or rub in dips and bumps ?

    1. Hi JJ,

      If you weren’t lowering the car, I’d say 1.5″ adapters would be ok. Since you’re lowering it, you’re going to be glad you got the 1.25″ adapters in the rear. Mine is equally centered… the very slim clearance between the outer fender well and the tire is about the same as the very slim clearance between the inner fender well and the tire! I fear that if you used a 1.5″ adapter, the tire would rub on the outer fender well, even if you roll the fenders. Also keep in mind that while the Camaro and Firebird are essentially the same, the outer fender lip may differ and I can’t speak for the Firebird shape. I can tell you that with the Camaro, had I not rolled the fender wells after lowering the rear, I would have sliced tire sidewalls on the outside fender lips. You may also need to hammer a little on your inner fender wells to clearance them adequately. Honestly, I drove mine and only hammered the inner fender wells where the tires rubbed. If you take your time, you can do so without it looking like a redneck mess.

      Another thing you should consider is that when you lower the car more than an inch, the rear end may not be perfectly centered under the car anymore due to the suspension geometry with the panhard rod. I got an adjustable panhard rod with poly bushings, and lower control arms with poly bushings. This will keep the rear end from wandering very far under the car in hard cornering, and therefore minimize the rubbing. The adjustable panhard rod will allow you to center the rear end under the car after you lower it. I belive I paid about $150 for the panhard rod and 2 lower control arms. With the 1.25″ adapters, if you center the rear end under the car with an adjustable panhard rod, it’all all work well with clearances inside and outside the fender wells, and you’ll have those 19×10 wheels ‘stuffed’ under there quite nicely!


    2. The way I have mine set up, with the 1.25″ adapters and 1.5″ lowering, I daily drive it everywhere (groceries, carpool, the interstate, etc…) and I have no rubbing on the fender wells. The only nuisance is being cautious about steep driveways where the car’s nose may rub, or the exhaust drags a little under the car over speed bumps. I don’t have any tire-to-fender contact on the front or rear now, the way I have it set up in the initial article above.

  23. The way I have mine set up, with the 1.25″ adapters and 1.5″ lowering, I daily drive it everywhere (groceries, carpool, the interstate, etc…) and I have no rubbing on the fender wells. The only nuisance is being cautious about steep driveways where the car’s nose may rub, or the exhaust drags a little under the car over speed bumps. I don’t have any tire-to-fender contact on the front or rear now, the way I have it set up in the initial article above.

  24. I understand all the sizing and off set stuff but when you do staggered wheels (18″-19″) don’t you have to keep the diameter of the tire front to back the same for the ABS?

    1. Hey George, sorry about missing your question. No, the ABS will be fine with different diameters. I know some people will disagree with that, but I have run many different size tires front/rear since doing the C6 wheel swap and it hasn’t tripped up my ABS. The ABS works based on the wheel speed approaching zero, not a difference between different wheel speeds.

    1. Hi Troy, sorry but I’ve never done that swap. I did look into it a little because I was going to do the 17/18’s on a ’94 also, but I never got round to it. From what I read, the wheels will bolt on without adapters but they will be inset a bit more than your stock Camaro wheels. So they’ll work but might look odd without adapters. I was going to put 1″ adapters all the way around because I like the wheel faces flush with the fender lips. Good luck and let me know what you find out!

  25. Thanks for this info. I know it’s years old but I picked up a ’97 Z28 in Sept 2014, still has stock wheels on it. Craigslist has a bunch of 18/19 Vette wheels for sale so was wondering if they’d fit. My car has a stock ride height for now, might eventually put the Strano springs on to lower it some. Your car looks great with those 5 spoke wheels. So far I’ve only seen the silver ones for sale until today, they’re either polished or chrome. I might have to give the guy a call … Thanks again for the write up!

  26. Hi I have 19×11 offset 57 on rear. Would 20×11 offset 64 bolt on directly? And what’s two different between offset 57 and 64?

  27. I’m putting on 245 40r18 on the front and 285 35r19 on the rear of my 1997 firebird. What spacers do I need to buy from eBay to make this work? Please help

    1. Hi Kyle… The adapters required will depend on what size and offset the wheels are, not the tires. The adapters listed in the article above are for 2005 Corvette C6 wheels. If you are using wheels other than those, you’ll have to use the chart above to calculate the offset of your wheels, and purchase adapters accordingly. Wheel offset and backspacing can be tricky concepts to follow and calculate, but if you google them you’ll find good instructional videos to help you sort it out.

  28. It might help everyone to understand that backspacing is really the key factor for determining the correct offset for these wheels. My ’02 SS is an autocross queen and we have lots of tires and wheel combinations. On our hardtop car 7.15″ is the minimum backspace we can run without rubbing the inside of the wheel well. The car gets whacked with big hammers occasionally but right now that’s where we are at.
    There is an excellent website for calculating offset/backspace here – http://www.rimsntires.com/specspro.jsp Just plug in your tire/wheel combo and adjust offset until you get 7.15″ backspacing and then you will know what you need. On our ZR1 11″ rims (36MM OS) we use a 1/4″ spacer (w ARP long studs) and the 315s seem happy with that. I also have a ’95 vert and it does not have as much space – so FYI.

    As far as tire size – the Z28s normally ran 25.5″ diameter and you can plug in tires sizes on that same site to determine how you can accomplish that. For us it is 315/30/17 and I would rather go short than tall for ride height and weight distribution if I have to choose between short or tall.
    We are now looking at 18x12s on the back and 18x11s on the front. Used 18″ racing tires are common and cheap while 17s are becoming harder to find. This will require a wider wheel well opening for the rear but the front will work fine.
    Hats off to the author. Beautiful Camaro!

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