Parking Lot Repairs 23-October-2011

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Parking Lot Repairs  23-October-2011

First and foremost, please know that the condition of your vehicle can affect the weather.  For example, if you’re driving across the country in an old Chevy van, and your fuel pump is about to fail, regardless of the season or state you’re in, you should expect a light drizzling/freezing rain, or at the very least a sudden downpour just as you coast off the side of the road.


Therefore, note that since today I’m just recreationally adjusting stuff in parking lots, the weather is gorgeous.  Parking lots all dry and clean.  Not a cloud in the sky, and a nice cool breeze on a 65 degree fall day here in North Carolina.


Some minor toe-in adjusting gave me the pleasure of sampling a number of the local parking lots today:


Maplewood Family Practice:  An only mildly aging parking lot, about 50% grayed and with a good ‘grippy’ surface.  This asphalt has a hint of glass recycling in it, and was spotlessly clean.  Plenty of spaces to park where there were no oil-drip scars to work around.  Highly recommend.


BB&T Headquarters:  This is an ‘old-school’ parking lot that you’d expect to find in SCCA events.  Larger grained chips that would grip hard and ‘chunk out’ tires in a competition.  Therefore, for repairs that might take several hours, you could expect several skinned knees and elbows.  Nice and flat though, as well as clean.  Nothing wrong with this lot per say, but it would be the last I’d recommend of those I sampled today.  Just too many good ones to choose from!


Robinhood Adolescent Medicine:  This baby is brand spankin new.  The building just opened a couple of months ago, so this parking lot is flawless with zero oil stains.  Super smooth, yet with just enough grip to keep you from sliding around.  For a cool fall day like this, I have to recommend this lot above all others I sampled today.  The only down side might be that on a hot day, the darker black asphalt here might get very very hot.


My Driveway:  Of course, there’s no place like home.  Smooth concrete that even a cheap roller-creeper would ride over like a Cadillac.  I only did my first adjustment and final snug-up here.  With so many exotic locations to sample, I was glad to be out of the driveway even though we all know your own floor is the best floor to crawl around on.


Any one of these lots could be considered ‘luxurious’ though, if you were 300 miles from home on a cold rainy night.  It’s all a matter of perspective.


I was making adjustments by counting hex flats, where 1/6th would be one hex, or 1/6th of a rotation of the rod adjustment.  If 15/6ths is the entire span between ‘too far out’ and ‘too far in’, then 7/6ths is the perfect amount of toe-in, right?  It certainly drives perfectly now.


Cheers from The ThreeFiveZero Redneck


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