Love Like the Sun 07-March-2012

Love Like the Sun
Love Like the Sun

Love Like the Sun  07-March-2012

No matter how long I live, I think I’ll still be trying to figure out the word ‘Love’ right up until the end.  You know that old saying that Eskimos have hundreds of words for snow?  That makes sense to me.  Not all snow is the same.  Humanity should have just as many words, if not more, for Love.  No two people love the same, nor do any two people use the word ‘Love’ to mean the same thing.  You’re doing pretty good if you find a handful that share a close match to your own definition.  Yet everyone tosses ‘Love’ around like a loose cannon.  Heck I’ve used it to get free pizza before.  No shame in that.

Some people love like lightning.  Some like a warm, crackling fire.  Some people love like the moon…  a beautiful sight that does indeed give off light, but is in fact only a reflection of the sun which is currently hidden from view.  Sadly though, it would seem that many people ‘Love’ in ways that have a definitive start and end.  Lightning is hot and exciting, but is quickly over.  I do love a fire, but it’s something that starts and stops when we feel like having it.  I don’t really want to love or be loved in any of those ways.  Ok so I’m not going to lie to you, I’m betting we’ve all had lightning here and there, but it’s always accompanied by a storm…

I struggle to find ways to explain all that to my kids.  I can tell them that just because someone says “I Love You”, it doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing to hear it as to say it.  The meaning lays within the speaker, not the listener.  And if the speaker and listener don’t mean the same thing with the word ‘Love’, then you have yourself a big misunderstanding that’s likely to get someone hurt, even if it’s unintentional.

I think the sun will have to do for now.  Kids love their parents like the sun, and with rare exception, I think our love for our kids is as infinite and undying.  The sun is always there, even on a cloudy day or in the dead of night.  Even when we can’t see it directly, it’s been warming the ground and air so much that we’ll be just fine until our next opportunity to sunbathe.  No matter how thick the storm clouds or heavy the rain, the sun will burn through it all in the end.  In Alaska, don’t they have months at a time without the sun sometimes?  Now and then, cosmic forces can come between us and our sun.  But they can’t separate us from it.  It’s always there, even when we can’t see it or feel it directly warming our skin.

Sometimes when people say they ‘Love’ you, they’re nowhere to be found after the storm.  Some people say they ‘Love’ you, then die down quietly like a fire and don’t rise again tomorrow.  To some people, ‘Love’ is like lightning.  They aren’t lying to you, that’s just how they define it and use it.  Knowing my kids and self as I do though, I know the word ‘Love’ is a bit deeper and more meaningful than all that.  Hopefully the right analogy can help them weed out those who mean something very different with the use of the word.  This one will have to do for now…

Cheers from The ThreeFiveZero Solar System